Essentials of Healthcare Marketing

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Chapter 1 Problems
3. An orthopedic group practice has decided to develop a pediatric sports medicine program. Identify potential target markets for this new service.
Potential target markets for this service would be in an inner city community that has a concentrated amount of middle/high school consumers with multiple athletic programs. Being in the inner city, potential consumers would typically resort to the emergency room, urgent care clinic, or a pediatrician.
Another potential target market could be a pediatric medical group with sub-specialties. The available specialties are endocrinology, psychology, and cardiology. Adolescent child tend to break bones frequently. Having a pediatric sports medicine department would be beneficial with therapy and healing.
4. In developing the new pediatric sports medicine program, what are some of the uncontrollable environmental factors to consider?
Some uncontrollable environment factors to consider in this market would be Economical, Social, and Rivaling Competitors.
5. A major concern for many health care professionals is the belief that marketing “creates” needs. Explain the complexity of this issue.
Marketing in healthcare does not create needs. A “need” is defined as a “condition in which there is a deficiency of something”. In the above orthopedic group practice, they realized that there was a need/want for a pediatric sports medicine program. Health care professional’s responsibility demands treatment of that need.
7. Explain the difference between existing customers, target markets, and stake-holders for an acute-care community hospital.
Existing customers are individuals already using the services or is known by the facility. Target market is a particular group of customers that the organization wants to attract. This is most likely low income families or customers without insurance in their area. Stakeholders of the community hospital would be the suppliers, physicians, employees, and contracted

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