Essentials of College Writing Case Analysis

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Comm 215 Week 2
Essentials of College Writing Case Analysis
COMM 215

Essentials of College Writing Case Analysis
In this case study analysis of Carl Robins a number of problems related with the recruiting process transpired. To obtain a clear understanding of what went wrong and the best way to solve these problems, a case study analysis is the way to go in an attempt to identify and recommend ways to improve this process for recruiting new trainees for ABC, Inc. Furthermore, ABC Inc., made the incorrect assessment by appointing Carl Robins to the job of enlisting new hires. Mr. Robins’ had this position for only six months and was put on his own. He should have known that he needed to put more preparation and on-the-job training into this job. As a recruiter is accountable for the course of action of hiring, induction, medical screenings, and record filing to complete the hiring in many companies. With two to three weeks until orientation is to start, Carl has too much going on. This mishap causing a lack of organization, planning, scheduling, and there is a good chance the training will not be able to happen until at least the beginning of July, because the computer room was double booked.

To see how this started lets go back to early April, Carl Robins was hired for ABC, Inc., to recruit new hires for the company. He had enormous strides in his efforts, in spite of employment at his new job for only six months. Robins hired 15 new trainees for Ms. Carrolls in the operations department and assured her everything would be taken care of. This was Mr. Robins’ first recruitment class, he had scheduled orientation to take place June 15, and hoping the new trainees would be fully employed by July. Robbins returned to work after Memorial Day and realized that all the new trainee applicants applications were not complete. None of them had been sent for mandatory drug testing. Carl reexamined the orientation manuals and found pages missing. He also realized...
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