Essentials in Leadership

Topics: Nursing, Nurse, Six Sigma Pages: 3 (983 words) Published: August 8, 2013
Essential Approaches to Leadership and Management
Tammy L Wells
Grand Canyon University: NRS 451V
July 7, 2013

Nursing leadership as well as managers are constantly struggling with staffing issues; it is rare to hear a nurse manager say, “I have more staff than I know what to do with.” That would be a dream I am sure for any manager. Imagine coming to work and not wondering if you have enough staff to cover the number of patients. Imagine working with a group of confident nurses that are secure in their skills and practice. Now we come back to reality, there are 5 licensed nurses for 40 cardiac telemetry patients. You fear there is going to be a drastic occurrence with a ratio of 8 to 1. You try to keep morale high as well as fears at bay, but you know, you need staff and your staff needs help. You get approval from management to seek out travel nurses for short term until permanent staff can be trained and ready to work on the floor. Use of contract employee's is similar to putting on a Band-Aid. Yes it covers the hole, but what about when the Band-Aid comes off, is your staff really ready to go. What about travel nurses that makes their own schedule and has their own way of doing things that do not mesh with your company policy or philosophy. How do you make current staff still feel appreciated knowing a travel nurse is making double sometimes triple the pay? In this essay these problems will be discussed as well as some of the reasoning behind why contract employees are indeed a necessary need.

Let us first discuss what an actual contract employee is. A contract employee is an individual hired by a business to provide a specific set of services. An example in nursing would be a traveling nurse. This nurse has experience sometimes in one particular area or in many areas, but this nurse is a quick learner and often times does not need weeks of apprenticeship before he or she is ready to work on their own within a team. A contract is agreed upon by...

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