Essential Trace Elements

Topics: Human body, Metal, Human anatomy Pages: 1 (722 words) Published: October 20, 2014

Essential Trace ElementsAnthony L. JacksonBIO/350October 20, 2014Michelle GrayEssential Trace ElementsEveryone has their own beliefs on how the Earth was formed, and people can argue about it for hours or even days, but there is one thing that everyone can agree on is that all organisms are composed of matter. Matter is anything thing that takes up space. All organisms need some element to make them produce and to live healthy lives. There are two types of elements the essential and trace element. Essential elements are the elements organisms cannot live without like oxygen, and trace elements are elements that the organisms need just a small amount of to make sure that they function properly. In this paper, I will discuss at least three trace elements that can be within the ecosystem, and how they are introduce into the organism. Trace elements are important for an organism to survive, and the organism that I can think of is the human body. Every day we take in trace elements that are for us to survive. The first element that I can think of is iron. When we think of iron we think about it as hard metal that helps hold up buildings or make tools, but iron is needed for the human body also. Most of all iron that we take in is through food and is through the small intestine. Iron is needed in the human body to help us do our day to day activities like walking and talking. Iron is a part of the red blood cells-oxygen delivery system, meaning without iron your cells produce less energy, and it would take more to do the little things like walk. If too much iron is into the body, it could cause intestinal lining problems and can be deadly. Another trace element that is in the human body would be Zinc. When you think of Zinc that is like iron, it is a metal and is. Zinc helps stimulate the activity of the body, because it helps with healing the body when it is, and it is needed to help with the development of childhood and pregnancy. In human bodies, males need more...

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