Essential Question Essay

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Essential Question Essay

The way people live their life has to do a lot with their life struggles. The struggles make people who they are. People that go through many struggles and people that don’t might view life a different way because of what they have been through. Struggles shape their identities and how they make their everyday choices. The book Sold by Patricia McCormick shows how struggles have a lot to do with one’s life.

Laskmi was a very poop 13 year old girl from Nepal. Her family didn’t have enough money for food, rent clothes and they owed people money or rupees. They struggle to buy a tin roof. This made Laskmi the way she was. She got used to not having food in her stomach and having to starve herself for days, where as to people in other places can get food easily and sometimes even waste it without even realizing what is going on in other places without food. Also Laskmi had to wear the same clothes everyday and here in the United States people have variety of clothes to wear every day. Laskmi’s way of life is different from people here in the United States because of the different struggles.

Laskmi’s family was so poor that her stepfather said that she had to go to the city and go work for her family and provide for them. Her mother (Ama) couldn’t do anything about this because she had to do whatever her stepfather said for taking them in after her father died, she always said that it was better to have a man in the house hold, better than none at all. Laskmi went along with it because she really did want to help her family. In America kids are asked to do simple things by their parents such as clean and they have a fit. This is because the different ways of life. Laskmi was with her stepfather when she was sold to Aunty Bimla without realizing it, she thought she was going to the city to work as a maid. She didn’t really understand the whole thing but she thought she was doing the right thing for her family’s financial problems....
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