Essential Farewell Speech Ingredients

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Essential Farewell Speech Ingredients
Teachers, graduates and creators of graduates, welcome to our final assembly. As you all know, the bedrock of a solid education, is the 3Rs: Reading, Riting and Rithmetic. Seven years ago, we entered this fine establishment as small sponges at the bottom of the food chain eager to soak up fact after fact. We have used the 3Rs in our studies but as we progressed through school, the 3Rs have taken on a different meaning for some of us, but I will tell you about that later.

Firstly, I would like to thank the teachers, they have been brilliant and are one of the main reasons we are all here graduating today. I'd also like to thank the schools office and support staff for always being so helpful and kind. Special thanks to you all for assisting me and the leadership team throughout the year.

Secondly I'd like to thank our parents for being great supporters and going to a lot of trouble to make our lives run smoothly. You are an essential part of school life.

Thirdly, I'd also like to thank ALL my fellow students for supporting me, and each other. Ministers, you were fantastic! You have never left your duties and were school role models. As for my leadership team, you supported me so much. We have all helped each other out throughout the year and you're all accomplished leaders.

Now, little sponges, we are here, at the top of the primary school food chain. Occasionally we may have been a little too excited and some may feel we have adopted a new meaning for the 3Rs. Rambunctious, recalcitrant, rebels! For that, I humbly beg forgiveness. But don't worry... as we enter high school, we will revert back to being at the bottom of the food chain, where we will take on a new 3Rs. Responsible, Respectful, Runts of the high school litter.

Now let's give our parents a round of applause for doing a fabulous job organising our dinner dance and other things throughout the year.
Parents and students, please join me in...
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