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Topics: Toronto Pearson International Airport, Canada, Police Pages: 1 (390 words) Published: February 21, 2013


I came into more than a year ago, to be précised it was on the 6th day of November, 2011. That day was quite chilly, a wonderful weather that made that day a very remarkable one. As I came out of the airport called Pearson airport, I saw crowds of different races, everyone wearing different beautiful attire and having wonderful smiles on their faces. Outside of the airport were security guards who helped people with their taxi cabs, also helped with a taxi to my destination at mississauga where I am not familiar with. I was thrilled by their well organised method of control of people and their belongings. As we left the airport, I began to see wonderfully built and tall buildings which was a great surprise to me, the beauty of the roads and the structures made me fell more in love with this great country Canada. Later as we travelled further towards Mississauga, I began to see lands with such wonderful topography that I said to myself, this country is such a blessed country. As we arrived our destination, I was moved to want to take some photographs which I did and as I started to want to snap the photograph, a uniformed police officer worked towards us and offered to help us with the photographs. It was so awesome that you would easily note that police officers in Canada are well trained with a good customer service and the word “police are our friends” is really in great practice. The orderliness in everywhere I went during my first time in Canada was so unique and it is still the same till this present moment and nothing has changed. We went to visit the shopping mall at the south center in Mississauga and it so well organised, the parking lots and every drivers of every cars drove with such caution that you will note the sanity in the whole premises all at once. Then I made up my mind on the word “Canada is yours to discover” and I am still...
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