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Topics: Learning, Psychology, Emotion Pages: 1 (368 words) Published: September 28, 2014
"Nowadays, when society develop day by day, children have many chances to contact with advanced technology products (utilize advanced technology products). The use of computer with many kinds of games is a specific example. Some people think they are dangerous for children in every ways; others think (argue) that they help children's development.In this essay I will analyse how does computer games affect to children. On the one hand, computer games hamper children's growth. Spending too much time on computer games may leads to health problems.Young people today seem to think nothing of (ignore) protect health (health protection).They can spare (spend) time to play (playing) games all days instead of taking some sports or outdoor activities. I think children will have important consequences about (experience) health problems such as eye strain leads to short sightedness, backache, obesity or even addiction.There are many cases which children steal money, even kill friends or parents due to addicted to play games but out of money. Moreover, children be involved in games excessively may leads to ignore study, skip classes, experience poor academic performance … and so on. They will serious affect to children's future. Playing games too much children can't develop social interaction. Children not socialize with human beings but machine, not express feeling and emotion and not use body languages. On the other hand, I can't deny several benefits which computer games bring to children. Through (By) playing computer games, children can learn how to use computer such keyboard, software…It will be more profitable for children to develop intelligence, logical thinking…It is very useful for children's studying especially Math subject (to study math). Moreover, playing computer games can reduce stress, improve mental heath after stressful studying or working. In my opinion, an obsession with computer games is not good for children. I think that parents should...
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