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Topics: Retirement, Aging, Gerontology Pages: 2 (399 words) Published: June 26, 2013
That current life expectancy is expending leads more burden of state for pension per one than in the past. Therefore, some people suggest that government should raise retirement age to reduce those problems. Although, raising retirement age may resolve temporary issues in short period, personality, I supposed that it might cause series drawback which due to several following reasons.

Traditional extended family in Vietnam as well as around the world is the family where elders look after their grand children and teach young generations about morality and good behavior. Furthermore, elders always looking for all generation gather together in warm and cozy dinner, instead of working outside in extremely conditions. If retirement age be raised, it would destroy the family values in the way people used to. Hence, there were no expected dinner or just have hurry meal every day, so that elder people couldn’t spend more time for their lovely grand children in which may become a good memory in childhood of any child. Thus, some people who did wish spend more time to their family alter from busy days during their work time as they retire wouldn’t satisfy their wishes since they have short time of retirement.

Moreover, when elders have to go out to seek job or stay at office instead of go home, will cause a numerous of difficulty of job for any generation, including graduated people. In addition, there will be competition between elders and youngsters in job. While employers would like to hire dynamic, flexible and can stand under high pressure as like young people, elders might have to apply to any company and try to adapt demanding jobs instead of stay at home and enjoy the end of their life.

Health problems with people who work in physical intensive job or in bad conditions is the most worth-concern issue for I strongly disagree to retirement age be raised. People are living longer, doesn’t mean they are healthier. They worked hard for long time, now...
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