Essays by American Minorities

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Essays by American Minorities
1. The Age of White Guilt by: Shelby Steele
In this essay written by African American Shelby Steele, he tells of the hard times of his people. He leads the reader through his experiences in the civil rights movement and compares the life of an African American in the 1960’s and one in the present day. He writes that African Americans today would have to use ever ounce of their intelligence and imagination to find reasons for them not to succeed in today’s society. He goes on to say that African Americans use the harm done for them in the past and try to use it as guilt for the white Americans. It goes on to explain the importance in fighting for a cause in a group and not breaking off as individuals. 2. I’m Black, your white, who’s innocent? By: Shelby Steele

In this essay by Shelby Steele, he tells about the inequality of blacks even in today’s society. I think it also shows the tenderness in the subject of racism and inequality even today. He also writes of how he used to use white liability against white Americans and how it gave him much guilt. He also tells how young African Americans still blame racial problems to be the motivation of many things done by African Americans. He says that an African American that points out white shame is showing power and that when whites respond with silence that that is also a gesture of power. He ends with saying that that whites and blacks truly fear the sacrifices that come with total racial harmony. 3. I hated Tonto by: Sherman Alexie

In this essay written by Native American Sherman Alexie, he points out the racial stereotypes that accompany the Native Americans that were given to them by America and the rest of the world. He tells of how he used to accept the racial stereotypes of his people when he was a kid but now he understands how embarrassing the stereotypes were. 4. Why don’t we complain by: William Buckley

This essay by William Buckley tells of the difficulties...
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