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2.02 Suemi’s Story – Práctica

A. Answer the following:

1.Where do Suemi and her family live?
Suemi and her family live in the Mexican state of Yucatan.
2.What Indian tribe are they descendents of?
Suemi and her family are descendents of the Mayans.
3.What is their town like?
The town that Suemi and her family live in is called Dzitya. The people there use rocks to build their houses, fences, wells and to make cement. 4.What does Suemi’s father do for a living?
Suemi’s father works at his artisan shop.
5.Describe the ruins that Suemi and her family visited.

B. Write a short composition in English comparing and contrasting Suemi’s life with your own. You will be graded on accuracy, structures, and your ability to compare and contrast. Be sure and include the following:

Suemi’s life is very different from mine. Her house is smaller with only two rooms all made out of rocks while mine is 4 bedrooms made out of cement and wood. Both of us wake up early to catch a bus on the way to school. We both also have to take the bus home from school and while she gets home around one I get home around two thirty. Her Elementary school is from kindergarten through sixth grade while most elementary schools in the United States go from kindergarten through fifth grade. She is fourteen and only has one more year to go while I am fifteen and have three more years to go. She usually eats rice with black beans and tortillas while my food ranges from chicken to beef to seafood depending on the day and we always eat dinner together. When it comes to household chores we both have to do the laundry and dishes but she has to take care of the chickens which I do not have to do.

·Household chores

After completing both sections, submit your work under assignment 2.02/Asignación.
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