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 indo-pak relations31 January 2006
India and Pakistan are to sign an agreement on 31 January for commencement of the Khokhrapar-Monabao rail route linking Sindh with Rajasthan. The two sides of Kashmir will have the second link when the route passing through Chakan da Bagh will open on 31 March, officials said on 30 January.

30 January 2006
Opposition leader in Indian Rajiya Sabha and India's former minister for external affairs Jaswant Singh is arriving in Pakistan on 30 January by train through Khokhropar-Munabao border along with an 80-member delegation for a week long visit to Pakistan.

29 January 2006
Pakistan Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz on 28 January expressed his country's willingness to further the peace process with India for finding a peaceful solution to the Kashmir issue. 

28 January 2006
A successful trial run of the Lahore-Nankana bus service was held on 27 January.

27 January 2006
Calling on the Indian and Pakistani political leadership to grasp the fleeting moment and think "out of the box" to arrive at a solution to the Kashmir problem, President Pervez Musharraf warned that failure to do so could have serious consequences for lasting peace in the region. Asked to spell out the contours of his "out of the box" solution, he said, it is something he has already communicated to India through diplomatic channels and is now speaking to the media. The broad contours, as he spelt it out at the annual meet of the World Economic Forum, was this: Identify Kashmir i.e., all the parts of Kashmir that make up the entity called Kashmir. Two, demilitarise the entire area. Stating that the people of Kashmir are sick of the endless violence, he said it is time we demilitarised the area. And three, give self-governance to the people of Kashmir. This, he said, would offer a via media that is in between independence and autonomy to Kashmir, neither of which is acceptable to India.

26 January 2006
India's cabinet has approved reopening the country's consulate in Karachi, 10 years after its closure, a government statement said.

25 January 2006
Riding on the wave of new found interest and enthusiasm which now fills the air on both sides of the Indo-Pak border, "Punj-Aab" bus 24 January rolled into the Gulberg terminus in Pakistan with a galaxy of VIPs aboard the bus. 

24 January 2006
Notwithstanding the Pakistan commerce ministry's objections to signing Safta, which would entail free trade with India, the ministry of industries has recommended granting of the MFN status to New Delhi, saying that liberalisation of trade would benefit Islamabad. Pakistan, Iran and India are likely to adopt a segmented approach on the construction of over $7 billion trans-Pakistan gas pipeline to ward off effects of possible US sanctions against Iran over nuclear issue, sources say. Petroleum ministry officials are, however, not clear if such an approach could help parry similar UN sanctions. The segmented...
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