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Topics: Edmund Spenser, The Faerie Queene, The Shepheardes Calender Pages: 3 (840 words) Published: April 26, 2013
Edmund Spenser was one of the greatest poets of the Elizabethan age. He was known as the poet of the poets. In his time he was the principal poet “Divine Master Spenser” and the “Prince of Poets”. He’s still ranked with the great English poets. Life of Edmund Spenser:

Edmund Spenser was born in 1552 at East Smithfield, near the tower of London. He was the eldest son of his parents. Spenser seemed to have at least one sister and number of brothers. His sister’s name was Sarah. His father was a Lancastrian of the Merchant Tailors Company. His father John Spenser and his mother Elizabeth were not rich. So his education started in an ordinary school called Merchant Tailors School in London. After his school education, he went to Pembroke College, Cambridge in 1569; he had to do various odd job to support himself. He studied at Cambridge from 1569 to 1576 and completed his B.A degree and M.A degree from there. Spenser had endless passion reading. He leant French and Latin and was thoroughly conversant with Plato and Aristotle. He was profoundly influenced by the mystical element in Plato’s writing. Spenser was the product of Elizabethan age. Any understanding of his poetic required a comprehensive knowledge of the Elizabethan period. After completing his graduation Spenser left Cambridge for Kent, where he acted as secretary of Dr. John Young. In 1579 at the age of 27, he produced his first literary work titled on “Shepherds Calendar”. He dedicated this poem to Sir Philip Sidney. At the same year he had been accepted into the employment of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester and was living in Leicester house in the strand. In 1579 he married Macha as Chyled by when she had to have two children. IN 1580 at the age of 28, he was appointed secretary of Arthur Lord Crrey de Wilton. In 1582 Spenser became the clerk in Dublin to the council of master. In 1586 Spenser was given 3000 acres’ near Doneraile from the seized lands of the attained Earl of Desmond....
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