Topics: Sociology, Friendship, Culture Pages: 4 (1017 words) Published: March 1, 2015
Ashlynn Goodwin
Mr. Reed
ENGL 1213.027
16 February 2015
Social Media and the World Today
If you observe people in today society many people are influenced by the extreme grasp of social media. “Marketing, Media, and the First Amendment: What’s Best for Children?” written by Susan Linn, talks about how advertising plays an important part of directly advertising to children. William Deresiewicz the author of “Faux Friendship”, writes about how friendships have been becoming more centralized through social media instead of being centralized through person. Lastly “Subculture and Style” written by Dick Hebdige discusses how culture, such as the corruption of social media, ties into everyday life. Although all three authors Linn, Deresiewicz, and Hebdige take different approaches on the corruption of social media has on its victims; they agree social media is a powerful and controlling tool in today’s society.

“Marketing, Media, and the First Amendment: What’s Best for Children?” and “Faux Friendship” both discuss how the media impacts the social life of the people in today’s society. In “Marketing, Media, and the First Amendment: What’s Best for Children?”, Linn informs the readers children are primarily the targets when it comes to media such as advertisements for the newest Nintendo game and in “Faux Friendship” William Deresiewicz discusses how friendships are more involved through social medias and therefore impact the cultural change dramatically. Both of these readings tie in together how society is changing and impacting the world by disconnecting people from the real world and targeting children into buying the latest products. In Linn’s work, she discusses how the First Amendment is not protecting the children. Linn writes in her essay, “I find that discussions about marketing to children often devolve into arguments about advertising as an inalienable right” (427). In Deresiewicz’s story, he discusses how culturally much of the population in the...

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