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Topics: World Wrestling Entertainment, Premier League, Professional wrestling Pages: 2 (721 words) Published: February 27, 2014
Are you ready? No I said are you ready (louder) hello guys and welcome to our number 1 weekly episode of sports entertainment I am your host Ajmeet Kakkar. Okay well there has been a lot going around in sports lately from the epl to the champion’s league to wwe to NBA and NFL. Well today’s first topic will be on wwe. Do you know what wwe is? If not stay tuned to the number one sports show worldwide? Well guys here is all you need to know for its history. Wwe is an American franchise for wrestling. The storylines are all scripted. The wrestling done is purely for entertainment purposes and is done by professional athletes The history of the WWE dates back to the early 1950s, and today, as the world's largest professional wrestling promotion, it is one that contains the most significant parts of professional wrestling history itself. Wwe was founded and created by a rich millionaire called Jess McMahon. Wwe has many shows on live TV including smack down and raw. You can also buy tickets to go see them as live events in theatres and stadiums. Wwe is the type of sport which no individuals will get bored of. They have many different categories of wrestlers such as hall of fames (over 50) and nxt (which are trainees) and main eventers (which are pro wrestlers who have a lot of experience) there are also concerts rappers the wwe there are also female fighters they are called divas. In the wwe there are many titles (championships) such as the wwe world heavy weight championship witch only one single competitor can have as well as the wwe tag team championship which two people can have as a team. This is a 2 on 2 bases and a divas champion ship which is for the female wrestlers and the United States championship which is for anyone who wants it as well as the intercontinental championship. Any male superstar can challenge and compete for the championships. All wrestlers compete for a chance to have a shot at the title. Well guys this is the history of...
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