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Topics: Computer program, Computer, Computer software, Operating system, System software, Personal computer / Pages: 6 (1237 words) / Published: Apr 18th, 2014
1 Define what is meant by: (i) an input device[1] (ii) an output device[1]

(iii) A local hockey league is run by a secretary from home. The secretary is responsible for all fixtures and league tables.The secretary is blind and uses her home computer for carrying out the necessary tasks.State a suitable hardware peripheral for each of input, output and storage, which the secretary could use. Justify your choices. [6]

2 (a) Define the following types of software:
(i) operating system[1]
(ii) applications software [1]

(b) (i) Explain the difference between custom-written software and off-the-shelf software.[2] (ii) Explain four advantages of using off-the-shelf software.[4]

(c) A student is completing a project for submission to the Geography department about rainfall in their area. Explain how the student could use the following software:
(i) word processor[1]
(ii) spreadsheet[1]
(iii) desktop publishing[1]

(d) The student uses a single-user, multi-tasking operating system.
Describe what is meant by a single-user, multi-tasking operating system.[4]

3 (i) State what is meant by a real-time operating system.[1]
(ii) Describe an application which needs to be carried out in real time.[1]
(iii) Explain why your choice needs to be a real-time application.[2]

4 Describe the following methods of automated data capture. Give an example, in each case, of an application where it would be used.
(i) Optical Mark Recognition (OMR)[3]
(ii) Optical Character Recognition (OCR)[3]

5 (a) Define the terms:
(i) hardware
(ii) software[2]

A supermarket has a number of point-of-sale terminals. Data is read from goods at the terminals and information is produced.

(b) State two output devices which would be used at the point-of-sale, giving a reason for each[4]

(c) State three types of output needed at the point-of-sale terminals. For each type of output explain why the output is needed. [6] (d) The management of

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