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Topics: Ethics, Business ethics, Morality Pages: 6 (1426 words) Published: July 15, 2013
Target 2013

General Studies (Mains) 2013

Essay Series for Civil Services (Mains) Examination 2013

Media are ethically positive, if they strengthen fundamental values Written By Saurabh Member, Team GKToday


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Target 2013

General Studies (Mains) 2013
My Approach to This Essay

The topic of the essay demands that we approach it in the following way: • • few years. o o o The body of the essay needs to cover the following: o o Role of Media in a democratic country like India The intrinsic relation between Media and Morality

In the introduction we describe briefly the paradigm shift that has been taking place in the media for the last

Note: It’s not necessary that you divide your Essay in various headings and sub-headings. In the following Essay, the headings have been given for the better understanding of the students. Introduction Some events become turning points in the evolutionary course, not only of certain institutions but the entire nation as well. The way things have unfolded in the media sector during the last few way national discourse and public opinion are shaped can thus be expected in the times to come. Role of the Media in a Democracy Essay


Emerging forms of new media

Indicators of Media Ethics – what is meant by being ethically positive Challenges faced by the media in following a ethically positive path

years, they may very well turn out to be such events, in the historical course. The structure of the Even though access to the “public sphere” is open in principle to all citizens, media plays a debates and deliberations take place. Media and Morality predominant role as far as influencing the national discourse and shaping public opinion are concerned. Today media, which comprises not only of newspapers, periodicals, radio, television but The fact that media acts as trustees for the public, is the primary reason they are expected to follow strict moral codes of conduct. Suppression or distortion of facts is considered an anathema and ratings, accepting free gifts in lieu of biased coverage, doing promotional work for sources, invading privacy etc. have become all too evident, to be ignored. Indicators of Media Ethics

Indian media has undergone a major change during the last decade or so. A paradigm shift in the

also the Internet contribute immensely to the public sphere. This is the prime arena in which

rightly so. Independence, accuracy, decency and fairness are virtues that are inherent in the media

profession. However, not all have been able to abide by the virtues considered as fundamental to a

free and fair press. Sensationalism, commercialism and the unethical practices that follow are no Prof. Christoph Stuckelberger, provides an interesting terminology to understand media action holistically in the context of our basic values and fundamental premise. He says that such behaviour GKToday’s Reader Supported E-Mail assistance Programme for IAS General Studies | © 2013 GKToday | All Rights Reserved | E-mail:

longer unheard of, in this noble profession. Over dramatization of issues, sacrificing news values for

by media which weakens or violates our fundamental values by oppression, exploitation, violence,

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Target 2013

General Studies (Mains) 2013

sustainability and responsibility are indicators of media being ethically positive. Even a layman’s understanding of the spirit of the Indian Constitution makes it very clear that these are the very one of the most important pillars of our Constitution as well. need to suppress or distort news? Challenges and the Road Ahead What could possibly prevent the attainment of such noble ends? How difficult can it be...

Links: – Media Ethics Media Ethics Media Ethics MEDIA ETHICS: A Call to Responsible Journalism turbulent times like these nothing could be better than turning to the Father of the Nation, who as unchained torrent of water submerges the whole countryside and devastates crops, even so an
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