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Topics: Education, Teacher, School Pages: 6 (1724 words) Published: April 4, 2014
1.1) The factors making education provision in post-modern societies an extremely and complex specialised task.

In post-modern societies multi-culture has an impact, because there are various languages that are spoken. That isn’t the only factors it is various religions and different ethnic groups, with their own culture heritage contribution. Learners are unique in various phases of their development with changing needs. They are also different according to aptitudes and interest. Besides all that has been mentioned, we live in a rapidly changing world. Global economy has an impact and the cooperation between countries, with the economic competition. Technology is accompanied by knowledge and expertise. Teachers do not only have challenges of teaching learners, but they should help learners develop awareness of technology. Teachers need to work in a team, so they need to have an ability to function well in a team. They need to be adaptable, and they need to have problem solving skills. They need to learn independently, have creative thinking skills, and good communication skills.

Global economy isn’t the only factor they have to deal with there is a lot of teachers that has no degrees that are teaching. This makes it harder to go forward as the department of education would like to. HIV and other illnesses have an impact on the schools as well. Teachers that is teaching in the new era has an advantage with technology, technology improves teaching manners. Technology can be a positive improvement on student’s marks; they can use it to improve themselves with new technology.

1.2) The composition of the education system.

The composition of the education system has different modules, which can be used to describe the system. There are many different types of institutions for education, and training which meets the diverse needs of learners. There are pre- primary schools, primary schools, secondary schools and institutions of higher education, like university, collage, etc. Then there is governance and management this is the effective and efficient system that, they use for education and training system. These people are the ministry of education and training, the department of education on national and provincial levels, etc.

A school needs funds from the province because they can’t survive without it, parents and school management needs to work together. Parents must be included in choices of the school but they have to be part of the sport activities as well. Every parent must support his or her child at home, and they need to support the teachers with their work as well. The community is health care, schools, institutions and many more. It is the parents work to help with fundraisers in the community. It is how schools can reach out to the community through parents. Teachers are trained to carry out teaching and classroom management. The average teacher may require additional help with certain tasks. Support or auxiliary services can help teachers with specialised help where needed. There are many people interested in education like parents and teacher organisations. All of these categories primarily function is to provide support; quality education is the core around which all activity should revolve.

1.3) The role of South African Council for Educators (SACE).

The South African Council for Educators is about the registration of professional educators, and the keeping of a register roll of such educators. This is only for regulating qualifications, standards and professional discipline, and their admission to education profession. The council aims to enhance teaching professions and to promote the development of educators and their professional conduct.

This council guaranteed teachers that they will have the rights as workers and citizens. This rights has been justified in the South African Constitution. Teachers must remember that the rights go with responsibility and that teachers can not do as...
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