Essay the Sweet Smell of Success

Topics: Family, Healthcare occupations, Nursing Pages: 1 (366 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Admission Essay for Master in Nursing

I have worked for 10years as a nurse. I realized that Nursing is a career one strategically chooses to help and care for others during the work. I have always been to be compassionate and caring. This was instilled in me from my family upbringing and also I had fostered my belief of my nursing during the work. Also I realized that I need Family Nurse Practitioner program which provides direct care to families and individuals across the lifespan and interfaces with other provider team members to supply broad-based comprehensive health care, to apply my beliefs. In the nursing profession I need to have an overwhelming amount of compassion and caring for my patients and their families. With palliative care or chronically ill patients, there are a lot of complicated emotional issues that need to be recognized and addressed by the health care professional. I have an example. My maternal grandmother had a heart disease. So she was close to death and she had got ventilator. The doctor said that she had no chance to live anymore and the family decided to withdraw the ventilator. In that case, how can I deal with this problem as a nurse? It is a passive euthanasia. I think that first and foremost it should be up to the individuals’ choice with how they choose to end their life. Everyone seems to be afraid to talk about death and don’t discuss issues surrounding “what if’s” until it is too late and themselves or their loved ones are faced with death. A person should be able to die with dignity…to me this means they should be as comfortable as possible.

I believe nursing is the most caring job in the world. Caring behaviors are defined as; Behaviors evidenced by nurses in caring for patients. Caring for other people is included special and concrete, physical, and psychological and emotional response. It can deliver caring to themselves, others and a group of the others. Therefore nurses are a caregiver to deliver care.

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