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The subject of sociology. Methods and techniques
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1. The subject of sociology
2. Methods and Techniques of Sociology
1.The Scientific or Experimental Method and techniques
2. The Historical Method and techniques:
3. The Comparative or Anthropological Method and techniques
4. Inverse Deductive Method and techniques
5. The Ideal Type Method and techniques
6. The Statistical Method and techniques
7. Sociometry and techniques
8. The Social Survey Method and techniques
9. The Case-Study Method and techniques
10. Questionnaire and Interview Method and techniques
11. The Public Opinion Poll Method and techniques
12. The Verstehen Approach and techniques
13. Functionalism or Structural Functional Method and techniques Conclusion
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In sociology, as in any other science, there are such major components as the knowledge and the means to obtain it (in this context are not the subjects of the research activities of scientists and research teams, but only the means and the results of their activities). The first component includes knowledge about knowledge (methodological knowledge) and knowledge about the subject. The second component is and separate methods, and the actual sociological research. 1. The subject of sociology

Different sociologists have different views on a subject of their science. Нow was considered by the founder of sociology O. Comte , a subject of sociological study should be the laws of social development, from which flowed practical advice, useful in all branches of human activity. O. Comte likened the sociology of science, calling it sometimes social physics. The laws of development of society, like natural laws, are strict in his opinion, unambiguous and objective character, not dependent on the will of the people. Max Weber (1864-1920) was considered a subject matter of sociology as the so-called social action, which correlates with the actions of other people, focused on them. The subject matter of sociology by M. Weber subjectivities, "bound" to the man. Emile Durkheim (1858-1915) went the other way.He announced the subject of the science the social facts, by which he understood the rules, laws, values, views, people, public institutions, organizations and the General idea embodied in the form of, for example, buildings, structures, etc. Each generation of individuals finds its own set of social facts, which determines the behavior of people. Approach of E. Durkheim to the subject matter of sociology is objective character, not dependent on a particular person. Approaches of M. Weber and E. Durkheim in common is that they, like the vast number of other sociologists consider human behavior in society due to the relationships that he has with the surrounding people and objects, his previous experience, education, place in public life, public institutions, etc. Thus, the subject of sociology is social communication, public relations . 2. Methods and Techniques of Sociology

The term ‘method’ means an apt way of doing something. Every science has to use an appropriate way or a suitable method of investigating into its field of study. Sociology is also a science. It would also therefore, use certain methods by which sociological facts could be collected, analysed and put into proper form and certain conclusions drawn from them. The question of proper methodology is of great significance in Sociology because the claim of our subject to be regarded a science depends upon the use of a methodology which can eliminate the possibility of personal bias from influencing our comprehension and evaluation of social facts. Sociology is still in its infancy. It has not been able to find a method of its own appropriate for its researches. It has however, met with appreciable success in analysing the social phenomenon and its use of methods employed by other social sciences is quite proper....
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