Essay The Fault In Our Stars

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The Fault in Our Stars
The Fault in our stars Novel, written by John Green is one of the best-selling editions published in 2012 by New York Time. This story is a work of fiction. Hazel and Gus live in Indiana USA their lives like any normal person. However some people say they have not been born under a lucky star and their world is unfair. Maybe, you'll ask yourself, who is Hazel? Who is Gus? Hazel and Gus are teenagers with cancer. Hazel is in a paralyzing depression. While Gus is afraid to oblivion.. The novel The Fault in our stars is story the best-seller # 1 by John Green. A story that explores how exquisite, unexpected sad and tragic, but also invites you to develop your ability to dream, even in the most difficult moments the characters invite us to persist in adversity. Despite being in treatments to cancer. The characters, Gus and Hazel explore life in a fun and exciting, it really is important to them is alive and feel love each other.

Hazel is seventeen years old, she's tired of going through treatment, she feels depressed, so her doctor recommended to her attend a weekly support. Hazel decides to indulge her mom to attend a support group for people with cancer. "My mom believed I required treatment, so she took me to see my Regular Doctor Jim, who agreed that I was veritably swimming a paralyzing and totally clinical depression." (74) The author describe how Hazel's mom is worried about how her daughter suffers of cancer for this reason, her mom got professional support. She wants Hazel makes friends in the support group. She knows her daughter will get feel better. Furthermore, Hazel's mom is always prepared to continue fighting for the happiness of her daughter. "Everyone figured I was finished, but my Cancer Doctor Maria managed to get some of the fluid out of my lungs, and shortly thereafter the antibiotics they'd given me for the pneumonia kicked in. admittedly, my Cancer Miracle had only resulted in a bit of purchased time. But when...
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