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Topics: Goa, Beach, Prawn Pages: 2 (716 words) Published: May 17, 2013
Time to revive fantasies at Goa

“The serene wind soothing my mind, the pure turquoise blue water touching my feet and pulling me towards the world of fantasy it offers, smell of delicious lobster making me crave for more, walking by your side and reviving our old lovely days”. This is the dream I see everyday, going to an exotic destination like Goa, a tiny state in India with you and kids. Known as the most sought after beach destination, this place offers fascinating catalog that includes lots of exciting things to do, making anyone go mad about it. I want to visit Goa with you and kids for its pristine beautiful beaches, exotic sea-food delicacies, intricate churches and temples, old fishing villages, colonial houses and lots of fun filled adventurous activities.

The trip to this land of fun and frolic will give us an experience of lifetime and we can comeback rejuvenated to continue our life with new vigor. I have sketched out a 15 days plan from accomodation to sightseeing. Goa is decked with so many hotels offering best and affordable services to the visitors. There are many hotels which have their private beaches and are not highly priced too. After a long journey to Goa, we can relax either at private beach of our hotel or spectacular and secluded beaches like Varca and Betallium. We can just laze around the white glistening sand, enjoy the warmth of the sun, get pampered under the swaying palm fringes and create some precious moments to remember for whole life. We can take long walks to get enthralled by the beauty of waves or just sit to see them touching the shore and going back. Kids can enjoy too by making sand castles, discovering crabs under the stones and hunting for shells. Next day, we can plan to visit some peppy and vibrant beaches like Baga, Candolium which are opulent with adventurous activities like parasailing, wind surfing, swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, water skiing, jet skiing and banana boat riding. To tickle our taste...
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