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Task 4 – Distinction Guidance Sheet

D3 - Justify the design of the six-week psychological skills training programme for a selected sports performer, making suggestions for improvement.

What does that actually mean??

Justify = “Be a good reason for”…therefore you need to state why the techniques chosen for your plan are appropriate / good for their identified area for development i.e. confidence, motivation, etc. To achieve this you need to find and use research articles that support you using them.

1. You need to research your selected techniques to find experiments that have been conducted using the following link:

a. Research Article Search Facility

2. Scan read the articles that you have selected to find relevant quotes that you can use i.e. This section below or parts of it support that goal setting is good for improving confidence.


3. Now you are ready to start writing this justification up! Start with a link in sentence / introduction to the area i.e.

a. The reason that goal setting has been selected to use as the intervention strategy to bring about improvements in the clients confidence is because there is a plethora of research to suggest that the use of goal setting has a positive impact on a persons’ confidence when used correctly.

4. Now we can start to use the article we found. Begin by providing the reader (me) with an overview to what happened in the study (to achieve this you will need to scan read certain sections of the article, I would recommend making a few notes that you can then put into sentences and paragraphs) i.e.

a. A study by Vidic and Burton (2010) assessed the impact of an 8 week goal setting programme on the confidence of six women tennis players using a quasi-experimental pretest-posttest study design. The experiment focussed on setting long, intermediate and short term goals to bring about improvements in the players...
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