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Just as infant and toddler classrooms are designed to meet the special needs of very young children, preschool classrooms must take into account the social, emotional, and intellectual characteristics of 3-, 4-, and 5-year-olds and the cultural backgrounds of these children. Consider the following:

1. The preschool child appreciates a beautiful classroom. The preschool classroom should be inviting and attractive. If there is a choice, the walls should be painted a neutral or light pastel color, and pictures and materials should be added to provide the color. Shelves are critical. Even the best-equipped classrooms are often short of shelf space. Shelves serve the double function of dividing space into discrete areas and providing a place where toys and learning materials are accessible to children.

2. The preschool child enjoys an orderly classroom. Materials should be arranged and coded so that everything in the classroom has its appropriate place. An ideal plan is to color code or picture code the shelves and materials so that it is easy to remember where everything belongs.

3. The preschool child needs a variety of social experiences with large-group, small-group, and individual activities. The classroom should provide a variety of spaces for each, which may include the following: * Large-group space: A circle on the carpet, individual mats that can be placed in a circle on a carpet, and round or trapezoid tables all facilitate large-group interaction. * Small-group space: Interesting areas where the space is defined by lofts or corner enclosures encourage children to interact in small groups. * Individual space: Private, "all-by-myself" time can be provided by a reading corner with large pillows or beanbag chairs, a telephone booth structure, or even a large carton with a fuzzy rug on the bottom.

4. The preschool child likes to...
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