Essay Summary: The Danger of the Blitz Spirit

Topics: Battle of Britain, Royal Air Force, Luftwaffe Pages: 2 (784 words) Published: February 12, 2015

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The history essay "the dangers of the blitz spirit" is written by Richard Overy for the magazine bbc history. The article's main focus is the londoners and their high death toll during what is known as the blitz, which was the aerial raids carried out on London during World War 2 by the German Air Force.

The blitz began September 1940 and lasted until May 1941, during this time 41,480 people were killed. A remarkable contrast was that the bombing carried out by the RAF(The Royal Air Force) on German targets only resulted in the deaths of 4950 people, between 1940 and 1941. The main reason for the difference in deathtolls was that the british bombing of residential areas, was so inaccurate that a high proportion of bombs fell on the countryside, not always harmless, but in districts that were sparsely populated.

The German bombing on british target however, had a much higher death toll for a multitude of reasons. Partly due to geography, German bombers on the coast of north-west Europe were close to British targets, and most of the targets were at or near the coast and as such much easier to find and hit. Couple this with the fact that the main ports were easily identifiable dock areas where a high concentration of bombs was dropped, and that around these docks clustered poorly constructed working-class housing, which were crowded with families of the dockworkers and labourers. Even though the German air force had electronic navigation aids and high levels of training, the bombs inevitably hit the areas around the docks or factories.

Geography is only part of the explanation. The high amount of casualties was not mainly caused by the accuracy of the German bombers, but by the fact that only a small amount of the population actually had adequate sheltering The only way to protect the vulnerable populations was...
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