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Case 1 – Strategic ManagementCore Issue: Strategic Overview in the media context Problem Statement: How can Brown Bag Films Develop a strategic plan? Learning goal 1: What is a strategic plan? (purpose)

A strategic plan is a roadmap that explains how a company carries out the chosen strategy. Its explains step by step what will happen over the next year(s) or more and how the end result will be reached. The plan focused on many different levels and functions. (purpose >) The strategic plan is a management tool that helps the organization, it gets everyone in the organization in the same direction. A strategic plan is used for businesses who are serious about growth, helps building a competitive advantage and provides focus and direction to move from plan to action. There are different type of tools that help analyzing the activities Strenght weakness Opportunities Threats analysis (SWOT)

The internal and external analysis
Michael Porter five forces analysis
Boston Consultancie Group Matrix
And the PESTEL Analyis
Value Chain of Porter 1985
There are also two Modern ways of analyzing, it provides media organizations critical points of reference. The Future Wheel and Impact analysis. According to James Slevin every case will and can be answered with one of the analyzing tools (of course check if it’s the correct tool to use) Looking at the case there is clearly no real strategic plan. They state themselves; we’ve notice that we have started to finish each other sentences as if they are married. We know ‘’instictively what each of us thinks or what they would be thinking if they are not there’’ everything done so far… is done on instinct. They realize it can continue like this and questions themselves what they can do to ensure that brown bag films is save for the upcoming 12 years. Main Source: Strategic Management in the Media – Theory to practice CITATION Kun08 \l 1043 (Kung, 2008) Second Source: Lecture Mr Slevin. CITATION Sle14 \l 1043 (Slevin, 2014) Third Source: Organisatie en Management CITATION Mar09 \l 1043 (Marcus & Van Dam, 2009 ) Learning goal 2: What are the steps in creating a strategic plan? There is allot of diversity in the processes and procedures for creating a strategic plan. Also there aren’t any rules for the right procedures/processes but all strategic use the same basic steps. 1) Mission Proposal, 2) Goal Proposal 3) examination of internal problems. 4) Examination of external issues. 5) analyzing everything 6) Defining a strategy. CITATION bal14 \l 1043 (balancedscorecard, 2014) According to Susan Barksdale & Teri Lund, writers of the book; ‘’10 Steps to Successful Strategic Planning’’ there are 10 Steps. (duh otherwise it wouldn’t be in the name of the title) The first step is laying the foundation. In this step you decide what the company needs for being more competitive. You also decide the dissatisfaction among employees and if this decreases the customer satisfaction. The Second step is Scanning the Business Environment. During this step you will decide if the goals and objectives in step 1 are the right goals for the organization. You will have a look at the organization and look at issues they face today and will face in the future, you look at the current status, the history and developments and growth. This helps you figuring out why the organization behaves the way it does. During this step you use a SWOT analysis. The Third step is Collecting Relevant Data. As result for the first two steps you begin collecting information needed for the decision making when it comes to strategic planning. It takes allot of time. Overall you plan data collection. Identify data source and max data validity and reliability. The Forth step is Analyzing the collected Data. In this step you examine the information. You uses two main methods for analyzing; Thematic = Data grouped or classified by specific content area and quantitative analysis = assigned umbers and...

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Visual effects evolution watching future trends
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