Essay/Speech (Journeys)

Topics: First-person narrative, First person, Third person Pages: 3 (1128 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Essay/Speech on Journeys involving the texts "Journey to Freedom", "Legend" and "a Drive in the Country".

A journey is a voyage of discovery. A journey is an adventure, a quest, which involves a course of travel or passage over any distance which involves an individual or individuals discovering, experiencing something new and foreign which will ultimately refine who they are slightly or dramatically, physically and/or emotionally. The discovery (“The action or process of discovering or being discovered”) that is involved plays a very important role in the journey as it is what mainly changes the individual or individuals. A journey can have positive or negative repercussions. They can be long or short term, personal, psychological, historical. Journeys can take people around the world and its climax is usually a single goal. The two texts I’ve chosen are, “A drive in the country” By Peter Skrzynecki & “Legend” By Judith Wright along with the supplementary text ,“Journey to Freedom”, By Hai-Van Nguyen. These three texts reinforce the main concept through their author’s use of Poetic and Narrative techniques. The first related text is the poem, “A drive in the country”, By Peter Skrzynecki. It is an extraordinary physical journey yet also an emotional one. It illustrates the contrast between the freedoms of nature and the restrictions and commitments of daily human life which evoke the speaker’s distress at having to return to this daily routine. The use of repetition, first person and “Simple sentencing” allows the responders to empathise with the individual in the poems feelings of distress and confusion. Standing at Blue Hole, the speaker adores the wild, natural movements of the birds. But the discovery of the children’s chain and rope reminds him of gallows which additionally reminds him of his deathly obligations he must return to. He is torn between the beauty of the Blue Hole and the road he must resume to his tedious existence. Skrzynecki also...
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