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It is generally agreed that small business increases from year to year nowadays. In my opinion working for yourself is better than working for others. If I had a chance to start my own business now, it would be a language school, I guess, because it has a lot of drawbacks. First of all, it is independence. I can use modern programs and methods, including non-conventional ones, which are the most effective and interesting for language learning in my opinion. It will be the business, where I can realize my own plans and ideas. Another major reason of owning a language school is a growing popularity of foreign languages among the people in our country. Foreign languages are absolutely necessary for people nowadays, because of the sheer number of international contacts with foreign countries. And for this reason, to own a language school is quite a profitable business today. What is more, starting a private school there is no need to invest large sums of money in different goods, clothes or food, for instance. At the first stage, there is enough to rent a place for teaching and to find some teaching materials, which can be later sold to your students at a low price, for example. On the other hand, it is argued there are a lot of different language schools in our town, and there is no need to open one more school of such type. On the contrary, I think it makes some good points against bad business competition. Starting my own school, I can offer other ways of learning or lower price, for instance. To sum up, running your own business is a good thing nowadays. And I believe that owning a language school is one of the best variants for me. This is just the field where I’d like to work and develop. In addition, this is a business that can bring good income.
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