Essay: Role of Youth in Promoting Oil Conservation

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Essay: Role of youth in promoting oil conservation
Youths are the people who are most flexible and able to learn. Young people can learn habits that are less dependent on fuel than the habits we older people have. Young people, then, can grow up with better habits and make conservation of oil something that is just normal for everyone. This is why youth has a major role in promoting oil conservation.
The first rule of fuel conservation would be to travel judiciously and curtail wasteful driving. Wherever possible/ available and convenient, use public transport instead of using personal transport. Matching the size of the vehicle to your need would also go a long way in conserving fuel. For instance if you have the option of a personal car and a scooter, then use the scooter when only two persons have to travel, and the car if more persons have to travel or heavy luggage needs to be transported. As far as possible, avoid idling the vehicle between red and green signal, be it a car, scooter or any other mechanized transport. Try to buy fuel efficient vehicles. There is no substitute for timely attention, servicing and tuning of the vehicle in fuel conservation and emission control. This should include checking of injectors and spark plugs, correct tyre pressure, re-greasing, topping up or renewal of lubricants for engine and gear boxes. Correct driving habits are important for fuel conservation..
As the supply of oil dwindles, the price rises. It seems to be the youth in any society who complain most about money troubles. One point you might make in this essay is that oil conservation could lead to reduced spending (for individuals) which is especially important for young adults.
Young people can demonstrate a serious commitment to reducing oil consumption through their choices as they become old enough to drive. Instead of regarding the acquisition of a driver's license as a rite of passage to be followed by acquisition of a vehicle of one's choice to be

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