Essay Risk your take in life

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The ris.k that I have take


love football. It is the simplest of mdvement but firll of action and passion. Football not only depend on your skill but also on your ability to read the game, to make a quick decisions, to commrmicate with teammates, how fast you dribbling, shooting, passing skill and

understanding the game. The heart of football is simple, "keep the ball moving and put the ball


the nef'. It's a most basic and complex game where the possibilities are endless.


perform in any day as a student time in UTM, Skudai. Now I'm running of time to
building up my self-confident. The most moment that I waiting from Diploma in UTM Kuala

Lumpur and now here in UTM Skudai is to play Sirkit Selatan IPT League Futsal. For past 3 weeks ago I had serious injured on my left knee during my futsal friendly match in UTM Skudai. But, it doesn't matter because I have the chance to do during my studying time, urhat I like most in my life, and ttrat's playing football.

Of course its happen before, its same cases on my left knee for two times. That was in form five it happened for the first tie, I got into plaster cast, that because my knee was dislocated. The cast take time for one month, answered my SPM with shoulder stick a sidg, but still thank

God. I get recovered faster. Then, in my third year at UTM Kuala Lumpur, again witfr sanre



get meniscus injury on my left knee. That is different injury but the sad thing it
happens on my left knee. What a great life, it was my dominant knee during my futsal and
always be. That times I feel lost in myself, feel alone in my life.

Bu! still it,s okay. I,m not given

up. I'm wake up after along sleep in my crunchers dream. I find a hard time while recovered time, I trained hard every day to make it better. But, for sake and for the risk that

I have taken,

it's all right. Finally
Those who do not know how much about the game say, it is a rough game.

Bu! let me

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