Essay Response Religion Negatives And Positives

Topics: Martin Luther King, Jr., Religion, Lyndon B. Johnson Pages: 2 (772 words) Published: March 8, 2015
‘Religion can be a uniting, driving and compassionated force between people of all races paradoxically it can also become a dividing, isolating and discriminating influence upon humanity.’ Discuss.

In our society religion brings people together and is a powerful and caring influence among many races, although at times it separates one religion from another through discrimination and segregation upon each other. Religion should be a positive action throughout all cultures, perceived as uniting, motivating and compassionate, yet it can’t be as religion is divided into two sides, the negative side overpowering the positive side, through discrimination, inequality and generalisation. Religion has mostly a negative influence towards our society due to the fact that something majorly negative needs to occur for something positive to happen. This is evident in the way in which African Americans obtained their civil rights. Also, if a negative event occurs that is driven by a particular religion it reflects badly upon the people associated with that religious community, for example Muslims and their terrorist acts.

In our religious society religion is both negatively and positively influential towards many races. In 1939, the ‘British Schindler’, also known as Sir Nicholas Winston engineered the escape of 669 children out of Nazi occupied lands, Czechoslovakia. This is a great example of a negative event that resulted in something positive. This negative act resulted one person, being Sir Nicholas Winston, stepping up and going out of his way to save the lives on many and making a positive contribution during this negative time. He once said “I came to believe through my life that what is important is that we live by the common ethics of all religions – kindness, decency, love, respect and honour for others – and not worry about the aspects within religion that divide us.” This is what religion should be like, but with all this negativity it makes it difficult...
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