Essay Plan: What I Would Think Aliens Would Think of Us If They Came

Topics: Atmosphere, Ozone, Earth Pages: 3 (866 words) Published: November 17, 2011
Essay Plan: What I would think Aliens would think of us if they came * Evolution
* What’s going on today(occupy)
* War
* What we are doing to the earth; drilling, breaking ozone layers, and trash/recycling *

What Aliens would think of our way of life if they visited us today
If Aliens came to earth they would think many things of us and our planet. They would like what our planet has to offer, but probably would not like the way we treat it. I also think they would not like our race because of war, how our slow evolving process is, and how we treat our “friends” to get what we want. They would appreciate our music, how some of us treat and protect our family, and how we can have a good time. Despite this our government probably would not give Aliens the right first impression either.

Initially, after some research, the Aliens would think we have evolved into a disgusting race because of all the reasons we have been at war for the past hundred years. Perhaps, with luck, they would understand that our warfare is over childish issues; and it’s not all of us but the government that is the reason for war. For example, like the war in Iraq was because of the search of “weapons of mass destruction” and also began fighting for the use of oil they are manufacturing that we depend so much in our society today. The aliens would also probably wonder why we let such a small percentage of us (our government) control all of us in such a way, and hopefully they would help us with that.

Aliens would think our planet is beautiful and resourceful, but would see how the majority of us and our companies abuse it. We do not have the best waste management that puts many toxins into the air and earth. We cut down trees in big areas at a time for mass production, and by doing so it puts off track and a limit the path and capability’s the earth is capable of. We are destroying rainforests and oceans around the world for our advantages, even though the animals...
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