Essay plan SLT and Deindividuation

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Essay Plan for Social Psychological Theories of aggression AO1:
Social learning theory - aggressive behaviour is learnt by observing others being aggressive. Also learnt by vicarious learning - learning by watching others learn. theory claims we learn it primarily through observing those similar to us e.g gender, age etc. or if we find them attractive or they have a high status/authority. Bandura believed 4 stages took place in SLT - Attention, retention, Reproduction and Motivation. A02:

Explains why not everyone is aggressive even if they have similar experiences towards aggression. SLT is supported by the Bobo Doll Study
Bobo Doll Study - 72 children, different groups : experimental = saw adult model being aggressie to Bobo doll, Control = non agressive behaviour witnessed, then put in to a room with a Bobo doll and behaviour was observed. found children who witnessed aggressive behaviour were more likely to be aggressive. lacks ecological validity - lab experiment

demand characteristics could have occured
Aggression was towards a doll might not be the same towards humans Ethics - child learns aggressive behaviour, informed consent - children too young parents give permission. A01:
Deindividuation - loss of sense of individual identity, loss of public and private self awareness e.g football crowds feeling of anonimity - feel as though you are not going to be singled out and punished you act as one with the crowd. AO2:

explains things such as mob mentality - football crowds, black friday etc. explains why people behave differently than normal when they are amongst a group of people. Social learning theories don't take in to account potential biological factors = genetics- neural and hormonal mechanisms etc.
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