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Mrs. Marilyn Coert
April 3rd, 2013

Physical health is the general condition of a person in all aspects. It is also a level of functional and/or metabolic efficiency of an organism." Being physically healthy not only contributes to a satisfying and successful life but it also provides many benefits. Benefits such as health conditions and disease prevention, weight management, mood improvement, and adequate sleep (Hallal, Victoria, 2008). These benefits play an important role in contributing to an individual's good health but maintaining physical health requires discipline, motivation, and willpower. This report will cover the basic components of physical health and the benefits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It will also explore factors that contribute to being physically healthy such as nutrition and exercise.

The Importance of Physical Health
Physical health is essential for both the mental and physical health aspects and it is extremely important because it provides many health benefits for the body. People who are physically active live longer, healthier and more productive lives, and are more likely to avoid illness and injury. However, physical activity not only improves and maintains your general health, but it also plays a large role in improving an individual's state of well-being. Therefore, the importance of physical health is significant. Factors that Contribute to Being Physically Healthy

Your physical health relies on a number of factors, including your genetics, but the two most important factors that effect your physical health are proper nutrition and exercise. The nutrients you consume and the activities you participate in, significantly contribute to your physical health and well-being. Proper nutrition and exercise work together to maintain and improve your general health because the muscles you engage during exercise rely on the nutrients you provide through your diet (Azevedo, Wells, 2008). Food and nutrition choices range in quality from healthy and beneficial to potentially harmful. To ensure your body recieves the best nutrients, you should consume healthy foods to replenish your body, drink plenty of water, never skip meals, control your portions and most importantly, maintain a healthy eating habit. By doing so, it provides fuel for your body and contributes to your physical health. However, exercise is just as equally important as healthy eating because it helps you lose weight, keep physically fit and it provides long term benefits for your health (Weir, 2011). There are many reasons as to why individuals should engage in physical activity, but some of the most important reasons include: An immunity boost: regular, moderate exercise increases the white cell count, imroving the body's ability to fight off infection. Exercise also increases the number of "killer cells" that are mobalized to fight serious diseases (Weir, 2011). Lower cholesterol: when combined with a low fat diet, exercise can reduce levels of "bad" cholesterol twice as effictively as diet alone. Exercise also increases levels of "good" cholesterol (Weir, 2011). Builds Stamina: at the muscular level, exercise improves the efficiency with which the muscles can use oxygen. Exercise also helps the body deliver more oxygen to vital organs such as the lungs, brain, heart and muscles. Overall, exercise helps transport oxygen through the body and into the cells more efficiently (Weir, 2011). Builds a healthy heart: exercise builds muscle, and when you exercise you build the heart muscle. A stronger heart is able to pump more blood per stroke, and thus it requires fewer beats to pump the same amount of blood. Regular exercise has been shown to lower both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Exercise also reduces the tendency for the blood-clotting cells,...

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