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Topics: World War II, Adolf Hitler, Germany Pages: 4 (1292 words) Published: August 1, 2013
Go History, Go Hetalia!
“The past reminds us of timeless human truths and allows for the perpetuation of cultural traditions that can be nourishing; it contains examples of mistakes to avoid, preserves the memory of alternative ways of doing things and is the basis for self-understanding.” This quote by Bettina Drew well-explains how history is important to us as human beings. History helps us know what happened years ago. How it relates to us? Well, it helps us learn lessons by going back to the mistakes of our ancestors and learning from them. The youth these days are fast-paced and do not care about history because typically, most kids think that history is just simply a compilation of events that happened before. Most people simply don’t care because as we all say, ‘past is past’ and we shouldn’t dwell on it anymore. What they don’t know is that, by knowing your history, you get the idea on what kind of things happen for someone or something to appear as it is now. You wouldn’t know who you are if you don’t know who your mother came from, now would you? That’s just the same as history. Want to know a way to learn history in a fun and awesome manner? Well, why don’t you try watching Hetalia: Axis Powers? This series and manga has got a lot to offer about history. Stay put if you want to know more!

All this comes down to Hetalia: Axis Powers. What about it you ask? Well, Hetalia is a manga and series that started out as a webcomic written by Hidekazu Himaruya. The original animation consists of 52 episodes and later on developed a world series consisting of 48 episodes and 4 OVAs (Original Video Animation). They also developed a movie, “Paint it, White”. Hetalia is about history as it presents allegorical interpretations of political and historical events, particularly the time span between World War I and World War II. Various countries are represented by stereotyped characters; Stereotyped in terms of physical appearances, and attitudes towards others....

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