Essay On Water Controversies Boil Over

Topics: Water, Water supply, Drinking water, Water crisis, Water resources, Water pollution / Pages: 3 (658 words) / Published: Oct 27th, 2016
On-Demand Essay Lately in the world there have been many water controversies over how much we use it, how clean it is, etc. all around the world. In the article “ Water Controversies Boil Over” by Mat Weiser he writes about some of the recent water controversies in an excerpt from the Sacramento Bee “Opinion” section. In this essay I will explain what the argument is and my opinion if wether I agree or disagree.

At the World Water Forum, the key message was: There is probably enough fresh water available to meet human needs, despite climate change and population growth. However, the problem is poor management of water, which results in scarcity and conflict. I agree with this message that was brought up during the forum because there can still be a good amount of water for everyone, it's just some people take for granted that they waste the water and they think that’s not making a negative impact on the world. If they just keep on doing what they are doing our water supply will decrease drastically.

Some ways I manage water is by using the water quickly. What I mean when I say this is that if i'm brushing my teeth i’ll get a cup and fill it half ways
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In the second paragraph of the text where they say “Water will … become one of the defining limits to human development and a compounding factor in human misery.” When they say this they mean that water will become a level where humans may not extend the use of water and it will affect the development of humans and that's a terrible thing. People really need to get their act together because if not their will be

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