Essay on War

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An essay on war
Let us commence a journey into the much travelled topic of war. I find my self constantly drawn back to the subject of war. Though war is a favourite topic of discussion amongst monarchs, presidents and dictators, spasmodically it returns to create a new passion amongst those who study its history. It is estimated that that war is thought about eight times every day by the upper echelons of progressive service sector organisations, who just don't like that sort of thing. Hold onto your hats as we begin a journey into war.

Social Factors

Society begins and ends with war. When Thucictholous said 'people only know one thing' he failed to understand that if one seriously intends to 'not judge a book by its cover', then one must read a lot of books. Both tyranny and democracy are tried and questioned. Yet war raises the question 'why?'

When one is faced with people of today a central theme emerges - war is either adored or despised, it leaves no one undecided. Just as a dog will return to its own sick, society will return to war, again and again.

Economic Factors

Increasingly economic growth and innovation are being attributed to war. We shall examine the Custard-Not-Mustard model, as is standard in this case. Inflation

What a splendid graph. Seemingly inflation plays in increasingly important role in the market economy. The financial press seems unable to make up its mind on these issues which unsettles investors.

Political Factors

No man is an island, but what of politics? Comparing the electoral politics of most Western and Eastern European countries is like comparing the two, equally popular approaches to war. If the reader is unaware of these, they need only to turn on the television, or pick up a newspaper or popular magazine.

Let us consider the words of that silver tongued orator, award winning journalist Noah Skank 'Man's greatest enemy is complacency with regards to personal and political...
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