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23 October 2013
An Immoral Criminal With a Christian Worldview?
Picture the perfect criminal. Smart, intelligent, handsome, charming, and skilled. That is Neal Caffrey in the TV show “White Collar.” And although he seems like an immoral character in a very morally ambiguous movie, the show “White Collar” while different in its view of a god or an afterlife, puts forth strong Christian values and a worldview that has many similarities with Christian theism.

The TV Show “White Collar” is a Crime/Comedy TV Show about Neal Caffrey, an ex-criminal, forger, and con-man, whose charming character, intelligence, and good looks can get him anything he wants. However, he ends up working for the FBI in order to solve crime cases. After years of being chased by the FBI for numerous crimes and forgeries, Neal was finally caught by Special Agent Peter Burke, but instead of going to prison, he was offered an alternative: He could help assist the FBI in solving crime with his inside knowledge and expertise but would remain under constant surveillance. Neal agreed. “Since then, Peter and Neal have amassed an enviable record within the White Collar Crimes Unit and laid the foundation for a deep friendship. But as some have said about Neal, once a con, always a con, and while his unique skills have helped Peter close some high profile cases, his methods have endangered both his friends and fellow colleagues.” (Lusins) However, over the course of the series, Neal develops and slowly becomes more “moral” but he is “constantly finding himself torn between his criminal roots and the straight-edge law enforcement world of Peter.” (Biography for Neal Caffrey)

The story of the producer, Jeff Eastin, also has quite an impact on the worldview portrayed in “White Collar.” Jeff Eastin was born in 1967 in Colorado and studies Journalism at Colorado State University but soon took up a job as a cameraman. After a producer randomly found one of his...

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