Essay on the Seventeen-Article Constitution

Topics: United States Constitution, Seventeen-article constitution, Prince Shōtoku Pages: 2 (490 words) Published: August 31, 2011
Essay on the Seventeen-Article Constitution

Prince Shotoku Taishi author of The Seventeen-Article Constitution has outlined how he feels his people should live. He gives advice on what is honorable and what will make the country succeed as a whole. Although not used in the modern day people followed it until it was replaced in 1890. The first four articles seem to order the people on what to treasure and value. The constitution also warns the people on what would happen if they ever disobeyed their state.

Article One states “Harmony is to be valued,” this means that peace should be important amongst the people. To be noble and well respected you must be above the bickering and fighting. The men who decide to fight with their neighbors should be shamed and are below the ones who do not fight. When it is time for business to be conducted anything can be accomplished as long as a country is at serenity with one another.

Every country has its Gods or material things in which one worships. Article two refers to the Doctrine, Buddha, and the Monastic Order as the treasures to be worshiped for Japan. The Constitution tells its people to adore these three things with all of their hearts. The Constitution believes that there are few men that are stripped of their goodness, in saying that they believe any man of any age can be taught to follow these teachings. If one does not follow the three treasures then there is no way of correcting their faults.

Comparing Heaven and earth with royal command and disobeying Article three says that heaven provides nourishment to the earth so one should not disobey the heavens because all of nature depends on it. Japan believes that if one does not respect an order from a higher authority such as a king or prince the country would go into ruins because the people depend on them for reverence.

Article four, the last article in the passage, warns the people to choose the right man for any job. The Constitution...
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