Essay on the Romantic Period

Topics: Endangered species, Biodiversity, Species Pages: 3 (948 words) Published: February 27, 2012
Chapter 10 Vocab:
* Biota: The sum total of all livings organism. The term usually is applied to the setting of natural ecosystems. * Biological wealth: The life-sustaining combination of commercial, scientific, and aesthetic values imparted to a region by its biota. * Biodiversity: The diversity of the living things found in the natural world. The concept usually refers to the different species, but also includes ecosystems and the genetic diversity within a given species. * Instrumental value: The value that living organisms has or species have in virtue of their benefits to people; the degree to which they benefit humans. * Intrinsic value: The value that living organisms or species have in their own rights, in other words, organisms and species do not have to be useful to have value. * Lacey Act: Passed in 1900, the first national act that gave protection to wildlife by forbidding interstate commerce in illegally killed animals. * Ecotourism: The enterprises involved in promoting tourism of unusual or interesting ecological sites. * Endangered species Act: The federal legislation that mandates the protection of species and their habitats which are determined to be in danger of extinction. * Endangered species: A species whose total population is declining to relatively low levels such that, if the trend continues, the species will likely become extinct. * Threatened species: Species whose population is declining precipitously because of direct or indirect human impacts. * Convention of Biological Diversity: The biodiversity treaty signed by 158 nations at the Earth summit Rio de janeiro in 1992 calling for various actions and cooperative steps betweens nations to protect the world’s biodiversity. * Northwest Forest Plan.

Chapter 10 Review Questions:
1. The biota and the ecosystems they form represent wealth; biological wealth comprises most of the ecosystem capital that sustains human life and economic activity...
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