Essay on the case study - the effective manager

Topics: Management, Scientific method, Case study Pages: 2 (1053 words) Published: December 4, 2014
Essay on the case study: The effective manager

This case study supports the thesis that Christine was not entirely effective as a manger. The reasons to that might be due to the fact that she had responsibilities, other than her job, such as looking after her teenage children and her husband. She was required to make breakfast for her family (even though they were able to take care of themselves) as well as carry out her morning routine – to get up at 6.00, jog, eat, take a shower, dress, drive her children to school and then get to her workplace by 9 o’clock. In addition to that she was always late for work because of the traffic existing at this period of the day. If she reduces the responsibilities towards her family e.g. make her children and husband prepare their breakfast themselves and use the public transport to get to school and work, she would be able to get to her workplace on time and could also have more time to sleep and recover from her previous dynamic day. Furthermore she would have had more available time to prepare for the important meeting with her subordinates in relation to the current project that she was in charge of. Her phrase ‘I’ll just have to wing it’ just proves how ineffective she is as a manager. Other issues that occurred with the project are the lack of money invested into it and that she had too few participants and no control group to manage the project in an appropriate manner. Moreover Christine was not provided with the essential figures from her personal assistant and she has been doing tasks not relating to her job role instead of others. During the staff meeting another problem occurred when she was disrupted by the junior staff next door as they were being too noisy. Therefore the working environment that she was operating within was not pleasant for her to work to the maximum potential as a manager. In addition according to this case study she once again proved to be inefficient manager as her boss was adamant when...
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