Essay on the Big City

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The Big City

Growing up in the big city offers a person great opportunities educationally, socially, and helps prepare them for their furute better then small rural towns do. Children in big cities get much better educations and are offered more AP courses to further their college education before they even begin college. Big cities also offer childrent the social aspects of life needed for a child to feel happy. They make more friends in a bigger city and bigger school, they have many more things to do on weekends (getting teenagers out of trouble many times) and they also develop the relationships needed to feel whole inside in the big city. The big city also helps prepare a child for their future by preparing their education, their social needs, and most city kids have a part time job by 17, helping develop work ethics. “Junior may not learn to ride a two-wheeler in the middle of the street. But there's plenty he can do” (Newsweek 1).

People need the big city school atmosphere. Wouldn’t you want your children to have fun and also learn the most they can? That’s what a big city school does for your child. It helps them grow mentally and helps them to learn. Most big city kids receive a better education in high school. They are also more likely to take part in extra curicular activies such as sports or band or choir. They are also offered AP courses which help prepare them for college and furthers their high school education even more. Growing up in a small town helps people to receive a better education and are more likely to go to college.

Another important advantage to the big city is the social life. Have you ever heard stories from teachers in school who grew up in the small town? They often tell about how the one time they accidently messed up, their parents knew before they could even get home. This is sad because it is the first time they mess up and have felt bad about it and should atleast be given the option to tell their parents....
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