Essay on the Article "The War on the Telephone Poles"
Topics: Telephone, United Kingdom, Alexander Graham Bell, Poles, Thought, Black people / Pages: 3 (505 words) / Published: Dec 10th, 2012

The War on the Telephone Poles

He starts the article out by talking about how the idea of the telephone came to the world, and how groundbreaking it was for its time. Although it was hindered by the people, thwarted, because it was so new for it’s time. People was afraid that distance as they knew it was collapsing, with them now being able to talk to people over far distance. If you had never heard of a telephone before, i bet you’d find that idea just plainly insane. To stop the spread of the telephones normality, people started cutting down the telephone poles, just when they had been erected. But that didn’t stop the phone companies, and they kept on, spreading their network of telephones, and eventually the citizens accepted the fact that the telephone had come to stay.

Then, a new chapter begins, where the author talks about the telephone poles’ roles in the lynchings of that time. Black men was beaten either half og totally to death, and then hung up in the telephone poles. Partly because they had the shape like a crucifix, but also because the telephone poles would always be located in publing sightings, spreading terror among the black people, and thereby contributing to the race discriminating groups’ cause.

He then ends off the article by narrating some positive things about the phone. How Graham Bell made a call from New York to San Fransisco in 1921, which was a huge achievement.
And also how he, himself thought the poles were beautiful to look at as a child, and ends it all of by telling about one summer, where the poles grew green and leafy because of the rain.
I think he do this to try and make the telephone seem like a beautiful thing to us. Also to state, that the telephone has become so natural to human beings, that the poles are even partly alife themselves.

His intention with this article i think is to inform us about the telephone, and to tell its story. The telephone is something that everybody own today, but only a small

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