Essay on Success

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Searching for success shouldn’t be an easy task. Success is not a gift, it should be hard to achieve and it matters how it is accomplished. That’s why I strongly disagree with this statement. "It is irrelevant how you achieve success". In my opinion, I believe success is accomplished by having desire, devotion, and with a tremendous amount of dedication. I called these three words the three d’s of success. I believe that by having a desire towards your goals and by being a devotional person are remarkable ways to achieve success. But most importantly by having dedication towards your accomplishments is the most effective way to achieve greatness. Not everyone acquires these sets of skills. To find triumph in life people should work hard to gain it, nobody should take success lightly or cheat his or her way out to success. It is not fair for a person who has worked hard his or her entire life for success, to be at the same status as someone who has cheated his or her way to greatness. Success means many things to many people, and everyone will do anything to reach that ultimate goal. In life the true indicator of success is not what is accomplished, but what is felt. And for a fact everyone wants to feel happy in his or her lifetime. For that reason many people lie and cheat their way to success to feel fulfilled. But people that achieve success the wrong way will just lead their lives to disappointment. For example, a student wants to be a doctor, but cheats his way out of high school and college, by not studying, copying from others, and cheating on tests including the MCAT’s, he or she will unjustly receive a medicine degree wouldn’t be a successful person.

That doctor will be unsuccessful and unable to help injured patients. Then later on that person will just spend time and money studying something he or she failed to learn in the past. On the other hand, an apprentice that studies his or her body and mind someday will be a successful in any field,

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