Essay on Social Responsiblity of Business

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Question 1.

Answer 1.

If I would be the CEO of Eicher Motors, the CSR activities that I would have undertaken along with the current CSR activities would be the ones related to the environment. I believe as Eicher Motor is a manufacturing industry, there are possibilities that it causes harm to the Environment as well.

And therefore, I would definitely preserve our environment for our future generations. I would definitely follow the norms under the Air Pollution Control Board and Water Pollution Control Board and accordingly undertake the CSR activities.

The Environmental CSR activities that I would undertake would be related to

1. Air Pollution

A various emissions from the industrial processes contaminate air. For example Carbon dioxide emissions are one of the major causes for climate change and global warming.

2. Water Pollution

Companies often contaminate water bodies affecting the ecosystem as a whole. Thus making it essential for companies to take corrective actions to reduce their environmental impact.

3. Bio Diversity

Biodiversity is largely damaged due to the harmful processes of the industries.

4. Destruction of Livelihoods

The depletion of natural resources caused by companies affect the livelihoods of the communities that are dependent on the environmental resources.

5. Industrial Accidents

Industrial accidents have long term effects on the environment and health of the communities. For instance the Bhopal gas tragedy even after 20...
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