Essay On Race Is A Social Construction
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Race is defined as a group of people who share similar characteristics both physical and nonphysical. Those who share common physical traits are believed to share at the same bloodline. There are many reasons sociologist see that race is a social construction. We are all the same people and throughout time we have found ways to put people into categories based on traits that some find undesirable. These categories or groups are created through laws and various other social groups. With the formation of these groups comes racism and these are the people placing "people with undesirable characteristics" into these groups. This occurs all around the world and has for hundreds of years.

There are many examples of this they have occurred in the United States over the past 150 years. There have been many groups of people they have been discriminated against because at the time people either feared them perhaps thinking that their ways or tendencies were toxic to our culture. Other specific groups were used as scapegoats and blamed for attacks on the US or cultural changes that everyone may have not agreed with. And others were simply discriminated against simply because they were thought to be inferior because of the way they looked. All of these acts of discrimination were a result of social construction and the way people began to look at these groups. Some groups that come to mind are Irish immigrants in the late 1800s. They were discriminated because it was thought
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With the use of the Internet and how quickly ideas spread, discrimination is only going to continue to grow. That the groups we discriminate against are always going to be changing depending on who wants to blame who. Unfortunately there were always be propaganda out there to influence people's perception of different groups. There have been many steps taken to prevent these injustices through laws and

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