Essay On Quantitative An Qualitative Research Methods

Topics: Sociology, Quantitative research, Scientific method Pages: 2 (772 words) Published: February 9, 2015
Assess the position that in sociological research quantitative research methods are superior to qualitative research methods. Sociologists have a number of different types of research that can be used to acquire data. They can be traced back to Max Weber (1864) regarded as the founder of interpretivism, was opposed to the idea that human behavior is exactly quantifiable. Human behavior is based on the idea that social interaction is surrounded by consciousness action and unpredictability (emotions and feelings). For intrepertivists the social world consists of and is constructed through meanings; for example attending school on a daily basis helps to recreate the structure of education. On the other hand Auguste Comte (1798) is largely regarded as the founding father of positivism; who studied social behavior in ways similar to those used by natural scientists to study behavior in the natural world. Social systems consist of structures that exist independently of individuals. They represent behavior at the intuitional level of society and people experience structures as forces that push persons to behave in ways that shape individual behavior choices. For example the rules of language, structure the way persons socially interact. In social sciences there are two types of research methods’ quantitative and qualitative. They are very popular in the fields of sociology because the need to study society and the people living in and institutions within societies encourage growth and change in both micro and macro systems. The word “quantitative” express data that is subject to measurements and numbers; it’s basically employ data that is objective generalized and statistical. Durkheim (1895) believes that the analysis of statistical data can indicate both cause and correlation. For example the difference between neighboring states in terms of attitude towards state government, would mostly utilize a quantitative research design which would offer comparison and...
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