Essay On Pros And Cons Of Minimum Wage

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Minimum wage in the United States varies state to state, as well as changes year to year. The current Untied States minimum wage is 7.25 United States Dollars (USD) per hour. This is for non-tipped employees such as retail workers. For tipped employees such as servers, minimum wage is 2.13 USD per hour. This varies state to state, as I mentioned above. In Ohio the state minimum wage is 8.10 USD for non-tipped employees, and for tipped employees it is 4.05 USD per hour. These wages can vary so much from state to state legally because the cost of living in each state can vary tremendously. For example, New York will have the highest minimum wage as of 2018, which will be 15.00 USD per hour. This is more than double the United States minimum wage standard.
This topic is of interest to me because of the increasing discussion in the media about minimum wage and if it is enough to survive of off. This has been a growing argument among youth, adults, and families in all states and of all occupations. In the paper I will go into detail of the pros and cons of a minimum wage on our economy.
A positive of minimum wage is that...

With minimum wage being set the economy is effected because of the black market. With this being said there are business that work illegally bringing in immigrants from other countries because they do not have to pay them as much as they do legal citizens. The company can now make more profit, and pay employees little to nothing for the same workload. This then leads to unemployment among US citizens. With illegal immigrants taking labor enduring job opportunities, which require little to no skill or background knowledge needed to business owners it’s a no brainer. This leaves our Americans under the poverty level receiving government assistance and hurting those who pay taxes, and those who are in desperate need of a job at a reasonable minimum wage...
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