Essay on Product Design and Acceptance

Topics: Consumer protection, Marketing, Consumer Pages: 3 (1003 words) Published: March 13, 2013
“Please Accept BTS”
The following essay focuses on how a new business idea called Behind the Scenes (“BTS”) can be systematically molded in order to minimize acceptance resistance from key stakeholders. The paper is inspired on the reading “Why Consumers Don’t Buy: The Psychology of New Product Adoption” (Courville, 2004). BTS consists of an application for smartphones which enables clients watching a film or TV program to identify products placed within the scenes, select the product from the screen, E.G. by touching them, in order to finally land in a separate menu which allows the customer to buy the product online. This would allow an adept fan of James Bond, immediately after have been struck by the watch that Bond is using, to use a carefully designed interface on his smartphone in order to identify the watch he wants and buy it. To be able to deliver this service three key stakeholder have to line up. First, product brands need to be willing to pay for their products to be placed in films or TV. Second, producers have to change importantly. Currently entertainment companies don’t have a strict control of what kind of clothes and accessories its stars are using in each scene. To allow consumers to be able to spontaneously shop for the articles used would mean that producers would have to improve their logistics and prepare a database of when in the film are they using specific articles. Finally, a key stakeholder are the consumers which must be willing to download an application from the web and use it while they are watching films, in order to identify and buy the goods that they have seen on the screen. Based on prospect theory, the losses due to change in behaviors or time spent will be greatly felt by stakeholders, while the benefits brought by BTS will be systematically relatively undervalued. In order to minimize resistance from film producers we should try to make BTS fit as much as possible to their current business processes and behavior, we...
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