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Topics: Nelson Mandela, Racial segregation, Cape Town Pages: 1 (346 words) Published: April 27, 2007
As a white American citizen, I know that I take my freedom for granted. I never experienced the years of fighting for our independence and justice. Today in America, it is still possible to witness racism and segregation. Many citizens are escaping their countries because of their cruel laws and lack of human rights. Therefore, America is now forced with the problem of illegal immigration. This problem could possibly be solved if more people would stand up to their countries government as Oscar Romero and Desmond Tutu had in the past.

Oscar Romero was an Archbishop of El Salvador and admired by his people and followers. While his country's citizens were being killed in the streets, he was thinking of ways to stop the violence, even though he was involved in the church. During the movie, Romero, one specific part really showed me how important his people were to him. Three guns were being pointed at him, but he continued to walk through the military men and into the church to preach to his people. That is just one example of his bravery and appreciation to his country.

Desmond Tutu was also an inspiration; he was the Archbishop of Cape Town and spoke out for the South Africans. The citizens were being faced with apartheid, known as complete separation of races. Some examples include only whites being allowed to vote, interracial marriages banned, and blacks being prohibited from obtaining certain jobs. Tutu spoke out and called the apartheid system "evil and unchristian" and also fought for equal rights for all South Africans. For his bravery, he received the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1984. I don't really understand or know how other countries are forced to live everyday, but I do know we need more people to speak out against their government. Oscar Romero and Desmond Tutu were both part of the church and they still managed to change the lives of many citizens. If more people had the courage of Romero and Tutu, some of the world's problems would be solved.
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